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What is the appropriate protection? A personal conversation helps to find the right solutions. A lowest possible contribution is just as important as a good range of services and the reliable support in the event of a claim. More infos can be found on this page.

Private health insurance

Private health insurance offers the advantage that it can be adapted to your needs. Through these possibilities, the unit can be used to lower the cost for the insurance or according to your personal needs, benefits to the statutory health insurance improves. The different insurance companies offer numerous tariffs, which guarantee comprehensive protection. If you opt for private health insurance, you have many options to meet your needs, to adapt the insurance.

For civil servants, there are special features. Here, the aid office assumes a portion of medical expenses for you and your family. Thus you must insure private only a Portion.

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Private liability insurance

Will protect the private liability insurance against financial consequences, if you caused damage to another person. A liability insurance policy regulates the damage and protects against unjustified claims.

Your advantages:

  • yourself and your assets against financial loss
  • global protection around the clock
  • additional services at different rates

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Home insurance

A water damage is almost always unexpected. Even burglars rarely announce their visit. Protect yourself from large unexpected loads.

Home insurance covers their entire property, which is located in your living rooms, and all its rooms. Through a water damage or burglary, you can lose all of their possessions. A home insurance protects you against this damage.

Your advantages:

  • direct online statements
  • special products at favourable conditions
  • individually adapted insurance
  • dynamic protection that adapts to your furniture

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Accidents insurance

Accidents happen quickly and unexpectedly.

Often longer stays in the hospital or disability are the result of accidents. Hedge itself against the financial risks of an accident.
Accidents happen anywhere: at home, at work or during your leisure time estimated.

Your advantages:

  • financial security in the event of accidents
  • safety from unexpected consequences

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Legal expenses insurance

A dispute will cost more money.

Your opponent must only assume those costs if he loses in court. Therefore many shy away from such a confrontation for fear of the costs – and that even if they are in the right. A legal protection insurance can cover all costs for all legal disputes, which you must complete.

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